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We received an overwhelming amount of emails requesting the recipe for the Venison Roll-Ups featured in Bill Wise's episode. Good News! He was kind enough to share  his good friend Jimmy Smith's recipe with the Outlander community. Bill wanted to let everyone know that this works on any kind of wild game.


• Venison

We've received several emails asking about what Steve was cooking in the Calling All Muleys episode. So we reached out to Steve to see if he'd be willing to share his secrets with us. Good new for all of us... He was, and here it is:

Recipe for Disco Tenderloins courtesy of Steve McIntosh

.. Al la…

IN THE NEWS: Blaine Huntley

January 18, 2012 : News

Blaine Huntley, of Wisdom, is pictured above with a bull elk he shot. He is featured in a new, nationally televised hunting show that was created and produced by Butte native Brian Skuletich. The show airs Thursday on cable’s Sportsman Channel.

Wisdom man featured in new hunting show

By: John Emeigh of The Montana Standard

Date: January 18, 2012

Anyone who knows Blaine Huntley knows he loves to hunt.

People will get a chance to see Huntley showcase his hunting skills before a national audience Thursday. Huntley, who lives on his family’s ranch near Wisdom,…

We are going to be at Shot Show and want to hear your thoughts about the show. You'll be able to talk to Huntley at:

1:00pm PST at the ATK Booth (14551)
2:30pm PST at the Sportsman Channel Booth (13823)

3:00pm PST at the ATK Booth (14551)

IN THE NEWS: Steve McIntosh

January 12, 2012 : News

Steve McIntosh

Bozeman hunter featured on Sportsman Channel show

By: Rachel Hergett, Chronicle Staff Writer

Date: January 12, 2012

When it comes to outdoor television, the best programming is not always about the biggest trophy. Rather than competition, “Huntley Ritter’s Outlanders: Limited Draw” is all about passion.

Ritter, a successful host, is perhaps best…

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